sword shaved noodles

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It is a traditional Chinese noodle dish, especially known as a specialty of Shanxi province.
Nowadays, it has been arranged in various ways and spread all over the place. The number of restaurants where you can eat it has increased in Japan, and it has become quite popular.

Sword-shaved noodles are made by shaving off flour dough one by one with a knife and boiling them in boiling water.
The thickness and shape of the scraped dough differs depending on the skill of the craftsman, resulting in uneven noodles.

Sword-shaped noodles are available in a variety of flavors, from simple salty soups to rich stews made with beef or mutton.
You can enjoy the sensual texture of sword-cut noodles in beef bone soup like Lanzhou ramen or Sichuan-style spicy soup.